Ailing auto CEO Marchionne had multiple roles, no…

Sergio Marchionne's achievements as one of the automotive world's most charismatic chief executives include the bold trans-Atlantic merger of Italian carmaker Fiat and U.S. No. 3 Chrysler after he restored both to health

How Secret Armies Crush Dissent

Before dying by car bomb last October , Maltese journalist Daphne Galizia was swamped with online threats. She even hesitated to keep reporting on issues like government corruption and the Panama Papers . "The dehumanization by the time she was killed around that period was complete," says her son Paul. It turns...

This Adorable Robot Will Carry Your Luggage And…

KLm is turning to a robot to make air travel less stressful. Buzz60's Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.

Facebook Suspends Another Analytics Firm Over…

The company reportedly had contracts with the U.S. government and a Russian nonprofit with connections to the Kremlin.

WSJ: Tesla seeking cash from suppliers

WSJ reports Tesla seeking cash back from suppliers to help it become profitable

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Facebook suspends Boston analytics firm over data…

Facebook says it has suspended a Boston-based analytics firm while it investigates how it collects and shares Facebook and Instagram's user data

Best Buy Defied Doomsayers. Now, a New Strategy

Big-box retailer Circuit City went belly up in 2009 thanks largely to the encroach of Amazon. The widespread expectation was that rival Best Buy would soon follow. But it's now about a decade later, and, surprise, surprise, the chain is actually "thriving in the age of Amazon," as a story...

Elon Musk, artist settle copyright row over tooting unicorn

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and an artist have settled a row over a farting unicorn

She Thought It Was a Goof on Her Family Tree. It Was a Secret

After Catherine St Clair used AncestryDNA's test, she took to bed crying. What she initially thought was a goof on the part of the company was actually the revelation of a secret that had never occurred to her: Her brother wasn't appearing properly on her family tree because he wasn't...

Russian space agency confirms security agency search

Russia's space agency is confirming that federal security agents have searched two of its daughter operations, following a report that their workers were suspected of treason for cooperating with the West

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