Trump order would ban most transgender troops…

Trump issues order to ban most transgender troops from serving in military except under "limited circumstances"

WH bans most transgender persons from serving

The White House announced a policy to ban most transgender persons from serving in the US military.

Fruits And Nuts Are Among US Products At Risk Of…

China revealed its list of 128 U.S. exports it might slap tariffs on, including wine, fruits and nuts.

Trump Wants A Line Item Veto ... But What Is It?

President Donald Trump says he wants a power that former President Bill Clinton once used.

UK watchdog assessing evidence from Cambridge…

British watchdog assessing evidence from Cambridge Analytica raid

The Latest: Anti-gun protesters rally in London

Dozens of protesters are rallying outside the U.S. Embassy in London in solidarity with the "March for Our Lives" protest against gun violence

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Karen McDougal and the 'catch and kill' system

Ronan Farrow, who wrote an article about Karen McDougal in The New Yorker, talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about the practice of "catch and kill."

Why Trump Threatened To Veto A Massive Spending…

President Donald Trump's tweet that said he might veto the bill put Washington, D.C., on edge as the funding deadline approached.

Trump Signs A Massive Spending Bill, Despite His…

President Donald Trump signed the bill Friday afternoon, just hours after he said on Twitter he was "considering a veto" on the legislation.

Catalonia's parliament suspends vote on jailed…

The speaker of Catalonia's parliament has suspended a scheduled vote to elect a jailed separatist leader as the new regional president of the restive northeastern corner of Spain

Will GOP accomplishments in Congress be enough…

With passage of an enormous budget bill, the GOP-controlled Congress has all but wrapped up its legislating for the year

Sandy Hook survivor joins March for our Lives

When she was in first grade, Lauren Milgram survived the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Now, she joins Parkland and students across the country to fight for an end to gun violence. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

US Sanctions 10 Iranians, 1 Business For Hacking…

The U.S. Treasury Department said Friday it's imposing sanctions on 10 accused individuals and the Iran-based Mabna Institute.

Trump Says He's 'Considering A Veto' Of The…

In a tweet, President Donald Trump said he might veto the bill and accused the Democrats of abandoning DACA recipients.

Koreas to hold high-level talks to set up…

The rival Koreas have agreed to hold high-level talks next week to prepare for an April summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

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Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Tweets 'Warning Shot' Photo

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is this worth????" So tweeted the lawyer for a porn star suing President Trump, along with a photo of a CD of DVD on Thursday, CNN reports. "I want to be really clear about this: It is a warning...

Ivanka Trump's role at the White House

First daughter Ivanka Trump takes on more responsibility as she also serves as senior adviser to the President.

Trump Exempts More Allies From Steel, Aluminum…

The White House announced temporary exemptions for dozens of countries, significantly reducing the impact of the new tariffs.

Senate Passes $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill In Late…

Congress had to pass the bill before midnight Friday, or the federal government would have run out of money.

Organizers hope to draw half a million to gun…

Organizers are hoping to draw more than 500,00 people for Saturday's March for Our Lives, claiming the nation has reached an emotional tipping point on gun violence

US charges 9 Iranians in massive hacking scheme

The Justice Department has charged 9 Iranians in government-sponsored hacking that pilfered sensitive information from hundreds of American universities, private companies and government agencies

Cooper: Trump silent on alleged affairs

After CNN's interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, Anderson Cooper discusses how President Trump has said nothing of the claims that she and others made of alleged affairs.

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster Will Resign As National…

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster will step down as national security adviser. He'll be replaced by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.

Indian court jails powerful politician for embezzling funds

A powerful Indian politician has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for embezzling 37 million rupees ($570,000) from a state government's treasury while he was the state's top elected official

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Trump's impulses put White House credibility on…

Trump's impulses put White House credibility on the line

Students prepare to 'march for their lives'

CNN's Dianne Gallagher speaks to students who are preparing to make their voices heard ahead of the March for Our Lives.

Joint Chiefs chair sees signs of progress in…

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says he thinks the United States is making progress on building an Afghan military that can take control of its own nation's security and lay the groundwork for a stable government