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Prosecutor wants school shooting case moved to…

An Ohio prosecutor says he will ask that a school shooting case be moved to the adult criminal justice system

Samsung Tries To Explain What Made Its Phones…

Samsung held a press conference Monday to discuss its findings on the Galaxy Note 7. The company placed most of the blame on its battery suppliers.

Justin Bieber DISSES The Weeknd's Music After…

Justin Bieber is finally speaking out about the Weeknd and Selena! Yes people, we finally have that gold nugget moment of how the Beibs REALLY feels about his former ladylove and her new beau! TMZ photogs got JB outside a club in West Hollywood, California on Saturday night and when asked if he could listen to a Weeknd song .. his response? “Hell No, I can’t listen to a Weeknd song. That shits whack.” And we could not be more freaking excited that he finally broke his silence! It’s been more than two weeks since ‘Welena’ went public with their relationship and so much juicy drama has followed the pair since then. Bella Hadid unfollowed and unfriended Selena on social media and despite her broken heart, her Instagram shows a very different, positive and happy Bella Hadid. She posted this pic to her IG account with the caption, “Trade your broken wings for mine.” She has also been very hard at work from the looks of her social media game. Nothing like keeping yourself extra busy after a breakup. And despite Justin and Selena being dunzo for ages now, we still can’t help but feel this new relationship between Selena and the weeknd is hitting him where it hurts. Now that isn’t to say Selena felt the jealousy bug during J-Biebs numerous hook-ups with supermodels. What do you guys think about Bieber’s feelings towards The Weeknd’s music? Would it be different if Selena and the Weeknd weren’t together? Would Bieber and The Weeknd be friends if he was still with Bella and Selena wasn’t in the picture? Sound off in the comments section below!

The Mystery of the Tiny Front Jean Pocket Solved

There is no fashion statement quite like a great pair of denim jeans. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

M. Night Shyamalan Continues Comeback With $40M…

M. Night Shyamalan's "Split" beat all box office predictions and signals a return to form for the much maligned director.

Lenovo’s WRITEit V 2.0 Turns Your Touch Screen…

Write on, draw, highlight, doodle or mark up anything on your screen with your pen or your finger. Works on all Lenovo touchscreen and pen-enabled devices.

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Fate of Polish WWII museum unclear amid battle over history

The Museum of the Second World War, an ambitious new museum under creation for nine years, has opened its doors for a day to historians, museums and reporters

ESPN canceling The Sports Reporters

ESPN is canceling The Sports Reporters, has learned. The show is expected to end in May, just shy of 30 years on the air.

Brimming toxic pit nears critical level after…

At least 3,000 geese perished after landing last fall in the 50 billion-gallon Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana

What Is Hillary Clinton's Next Move?

What’s next for the Clinton dynasty?

Sprint is buying a 33 percent stake in Tidal

Sprint is buying a 33 percent stake in Tidal, the entertainment service owned by artists including Jay-Z, Madonna and Kanye West

US stock indexes veer lower in morning trading…

U.S. stock indexes are veering lower in morning trading as investors pore over the latest crop of company earnings and deal news

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The Latest: Former President George H.W. Bush…

Doctors say former President George H.W. Bush will soon be moved from the intensive care unit at a Houston hospital where he has been treated for pneumonia

Southern California pounded by intense storm and…

The third and most powerful in a series of storms pounded Southern California on Sunday, dropping nearly 4 inches of rain south of Los Angeles, flooding freeways and raising concerns about damaging mudslides

A Watchdog Group Is Planning To Sue Donald Trump…

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is accusing Trump of letting his businesses accept payments from foreign governments.

Kim Kardashian Steals Sister Kylie Jenner's Ideas…

Old dogs can learn new tricks and that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian is doing. She’s ripping a page out of lil sis Kylie’s book and franchising her Kimoji business. Her wildly popular Kimjo gear is sold online, but now Kimmy wants more! We aren’t surprised, of corse she wants more of herself everywhere and so do we! Kimoji gear, which started out as an emoji app which then blossomed into amazing Kim K “cry face” gear, which then went to online sales, which now is possibly making its way into a store near you, is so successful she made about $1 million dollars a minute according to reports. Kim is looking to sell her Kimoji brand in the form of apparel, makeup bags, stickers, jewelry, accessories and a slew of other items. Seems like she might be taking a page out of Kylie’s bag of money-making tricks. Kylie is very much famous for starting her lip kit line and then expanding it into its own empire. She now has pop-up shops all over the US for adoring fans to go and pick up some Kylie Jenner Lip Kit gear. We are talking clothing, makeup bags, eyeshadow palettes, even damn calendars! Now remember people, she opened a pop-up shop around the holidays and it was pure mayhem! Just the rules to get in were exhausting: no sitting, only 15 minutes in the store to shop, and people started lining up at 1 am just to get a glimpse of King Kylie … btw the store didn’t open until 9 AM. Kanye West also went retail style with his pop-up shops in a few cities across the US! As you know, Kim and Kanye were cutting back on their business ventures, social media game and such after Kim’s robbery and Kanye’s mental breakdown, but it seems like they both have gotten past that and are going full steam ahead. Kim is no longer shying away from Instagram, Snapchat or even Twitter. She is cautiously posting pics of her wealth across the platforms and pretty much back to her old ways! Oh how we’ve missed you Kim! What are you guys thinking of Kim going towards the retail life? We already know it will be successful, but let us know what you want to buy!

Here's What the Women's March Organizers Want to…

Saturday's Women's March was proof that a small group of people can create change as more than a million protestors showed up in cities all over the country. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story

Can You Tell A Real Email From A Dangerous Fake?

Hackers are now posing as major companies like Netflix to trick you into handing over sensitive information.

Soulja Boy charged with felony weapons possession

Los Angeles prosecutors have charged rapper Soulja Boy with felony possession of an assault weapon and a handgun

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NBA Power Rankings: Raptors' 2017 mediocrity…

In this week's NBA Power Rankings, the Heat might make a move, the Clippers begin a brutal stretch of their schedule, and the Raptors continue to play mediocre basketball in 2017.